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Calm : Confident : Empowered


FROM £1500

As a birth doula I would love to help prepare you for a positive, empowered and informed birth journey. There is plenty of research to support having a doula at your birth, evidence of shorter labours, reduced need for pain relief, lower incidence of instrumental delivery and an overall increased satisfaction with the birth experience.

For £1500 the birth and postnatal package includes

  • two antenatal meetings to talk through your birth preferences and discuss concerns

  • help you create a birth plan

  • attend antenatal appointments if needed

  • be on call for you from 10 days before your estimated due date, attend, support and reassure you through your labour and birth

  • remain with you and your baby, help you with a first feed and make sure you are settled and comfortable in those first precious hours

If you would like some additional postnatal support I would love to help with this and I can support you for an additional fee of £25 per hour.

Sleepy Baby


A postnatal doula can be a huge relief and support during the first days and weeks of life with a new baby. We all feel differently after we have had a baby and the smallest support can make a huge difference.  As your postnatal doula I can mother you so that you can mother your new baby! i can debrief your birth should you wish to. I will provide emotional and physical support and I will nurture you by helping to get you good nourishment, let you sleep, help with feeding - however you choose to feed, I am non-judgemental and will gladly support your feeding choice, or simply get a wash on. I will signpost you to the right support available locally, should you need it, and be another pair of hands to help you attend appointments.

My standard rate is £20 per hour plus travel if you live more than 5 miles from Petersfield.

Birth and Postnatal Doula Support: Services & Goals
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