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Newborn Baby

Private 1:1 classes taught in the comfort of your own home with your birth partner.

The Mindful Breastfeeding programme was created by Anna Le Grange, a Lactation Consultant with over 17 years experience. This programme will provide you with the emotional and practical tools for a positive feeding journey for you and your baby. A personal class with plenty of time for questions and relaxation, I can work with you on specific areas that are important to you.

The class Includes:

  •  A 3 hour workshop (Each space is for 2 people – expectant mum plus her partner/birth partner or support person)

  • Mindful Breastfeeding resource pack

  • Pack of Positive Breastfeeding affirmation cards

  •  4 guided relaxation MP3s

Mindful Breastfeeding Classes: Services & Goals
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