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Pregnant Woman in Nature

This is a 1:1 private workshop taught by Angharad in the comfort of your own home with your birth partner.

This workshop is here to support a woman and her birth partner planning for a positive caesarean birth. It can feel like positive birth preparation is not relevant to you if you are planning an Elective Caesarean Birth, you may feel that you do not have the same options as someone planning for a vaginal birth. This is just not the case! This is your birth and one that you can look forward to, feeling empowered and in control of. 

Together you will learn to have a positive belief that a Caesarean can be a positive experience for a baby, woman and her birth partner. 

You will learn to release fears, how to relax deeply and quickly using breathing techniques, visualisations and MP3s. You will discover Positive Caesarean Birth preferences and how to promote production of birth hormones to promote bonding and feeding after birth.

The workshop includes:

  • 3 hours of Positive Caesarean Workshop relaxation tools, birth preparation and recovery.

  • The Little Birth Company client workbook

  • Birth Anchor Script

  • Guided relaxation scripts on MP3

  • Positive Caesarean Birth preferences ideas                              

Positive Caesarean Workshops: Services & Goals
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